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Green Doors is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation which is involved in the work and social rehabilitation of people with mental illness. We particularly focus on working with young clients with short-term illness whom we support in their efforts to overcome the crisis caused by their illness and get back as soon as possible into ordinary life. The role of Green Doors in this system is to provide our clients with complete support in preparing for work.

We endeavour as much as possible to link social services with life in the community. We base this on the idea that public familiarity with the issue of mental health facilitates our clients in getting into standard employment or school. We operate three businesses in which services for the general public are linked to rehabilitation. We also hold cultural and educational events.

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We know practice is important, and so we are happy to mediate it for future specialists. Placement durations and what they involve are always determined to ensure they are relevant for the trainee’s study. You can visit us on a one-day excursion, or get directly involved – for a week, month or longer.
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Interested in working in the non-profit sector? Looking for a meaningful job helping others? Then you’re the ideal candidate for work in Green Doors!
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