The only thing you won’t find written down? Experience

Contact with practice is just as important as an encyclopaedic knowledge of theory. We realise this, which is why we allow students to see how our organisation works up close. Candidates can then become partially involved in our daily operations.

We offer three kinds of placement – one-day excursions and weekly or long-term placements. What they involve is given a framework, but it is always adjusted to provide relevant benefits to the trainee.

Trainees acquire a general insight into the working of our non-profit organisation, and also the opportunity to try the therapeutic tools we use in practice on a therapist or themselves. They thus acquire a very good idea of how these tools work, how to work with them and what can be achieved from them.

Although we would love to be able to, because of limited capacity, we can only ever offer a placement for one trainee.


A one-day visit to our organisation during which we introduce you to how we work. We’ll introduce you to our projects, and we can go into even greater detail for those you are most interested in. We’ll also describe to you what our work with our clients looks like.

We offer excursions to individuals or groups of up to 20 people.

Price: 500 CZK

Weekly placement

This placement mainly involves shadowing our therapists. You’ll visit all our projects and – if the client agrees – you can take part in a work assessment or consultation regarding rehabilitation plans. Unfortunately, you cannot try out individual work with the client.

Price: 500 CZK

Long-term placement

With more long-term co-operation, you’ll get the opportunity to become more involved in the organisation’s overall activities, or the working of some of our projects. You can use your placement for more long-term monitoring of how our clients’ rehabilitation unfolds, try out work assessment supervised by a therapist or test your suggestions for changes when working with clients.

The minimum duration of a placement is 1 month.

Price: 500 CZK/week
For an extra charge, an individual agreement can be made; in case of poor financial/social situation, this can be waived.

What do we require from our trainees?

How to apply for a placement

If you’re interested in a placement at Green Doors, e-mail us your CV and a motivation letter on A4 paper in which you explain your reasons for wanting to work for us.

Eva Vojtová
internship coordinator

+420 777 913 057