Beautiful Mind

Prejudices are the worst illness.

Luckily, we can treat them

The Beautiful Mind initiative is focused on educating the public on mental health and destigmatising mental illnesses. Its objective is a more satisfying life for people with experience of mental illness through facilitating their finding a job on the labour market.

We launched the project in 2013 in co-operation with Antonín Kokeš, owner of companies Albi and Antonínova pekařství. At that time, we put together an exhibition of portraits of people with mental illness, to which we added their stories.

The next year, we focused on education amongst employers. We published the Moje Schizofrenie (My Schizophrenia) magazine in which we showcased entrepreneurs who employ people with schizophrenia and have good experience with them.

In the third year, we focused on both the public and employers; what it means to employ someone with mental illness, what you need to take care of, and what the benefits are. We explained this to companies at our Responsible Breakfast talk, and also in our bulletin in which we showcased people good at their profession despite their mental illness.

We launched a blog for the general public which contained the dairy of Lara, who suffers from schizophrenia. Composer and musician Jan P Muchow then added music clips to the entries which best reflected their topic.

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