Café Na půl cesty

About the café

Parents with restless kids come to us for our large terrace where they can enjoy our great coffee while keeping their eyes on their kids playing in the adjacent park. Cyclists know they can always get a boost from our home-made lemonade and tasty cakes. And culturally minded visitors always know they can depend on our tastes.


Rehabilitation at Café Na půl cesty

Work in the café has the same objective as at Klub V. kolona  – practising your work and social skills. The training is more intensive, however, because the workload is close to that of standard employment. Besides work as a bartender, the café also has positions in the cleaning section. After completion of rehabilitation, the client can move to Mlsná kavka , where the workload is practically the same as that of standard employment.

Service objectives

Work training aims to help clients improve skills which are key for success on the jobs market: organisation and work planning, concentration, communication, etc. Clients set their objectives after consultation with their key worker – a patron who will be their partner over the whole training programme. They will help in dealing with work difficulties, motivate them, and help in completing rehabilitation.

Who the service is designed for

The service is designed as preparation for study or employment, which means you must want to practise work and social skills in standard situations. In order to be accepted, clients must have a stabilised medical condition, be at least 18 years old and have a recommendation from their psychiatrist..

A disability pension is not a condition. We also accept clients with incapacity benefit, or registered at the employment office.