V. kolona

About the café

The plan to link the Bohnice psychiatric hospital with its neighbourhood in an unforced manner has proved a success. Customers return to us frequently and gladly. Why? They say mainly because of our excellent Sicilian coffee and appealing atmosphere. Taking a seat in the generous spaces of an Art Nouveau building illuminated by the large windows with a view of the garden still has its charm even after a hundred years.

Rehabilitation at V. kolona

Most of the café’s staff are people with experience of psychotic illness and Bohnice hospital patients who practise their basic work and social skills here. They are preparing for more difficult rehabilitation programmes within our other businesses, Café Na půl cesty  and Mlsná kavka , or for work on the open market.

Service objectives

Work training aims to help clients improve skills such as organisation and work planning, concentration, communication, etc. Clients determine their objectives after consultation with their key worker – a patron who provides them with broad support: motivating them, helping deal with work difficulties, giving feedback and helping with moving on to the next phase of rehabilitation.

Who the service is designed for

The service is available to people with experience of psychotic illness and Bohnice psychiatric hospital patients. It serves as preparation for study or employment, but also as an activating activity when staying in the hospital. It is important to want to practise your work and social skills in a standard work context.

A condition for acceptance is a recommendation from your psychiatrist. A disability pension is not a condition. We also accept clients with incapacity benefit, or registered at the employment office.