Mlsná kavka

Rehabilitation at Café Mlsná kavka

For work here, independence and quality of service are stressed. Some of the staff are our clients – some are beginning their rehabilitation here, while others have transferred to Kavka from our other programmes in the V. kolona  and Na půl cesty  cafés. The positions of bartender and assistant chef are available here.

Service objectives

Through training, clients acquire work experience in which they can test their work skills in a larger operation and further consolidate their work habits and increase their ability to handle larger workloads. The programme is above all focused on improving client independence, which is why there is no consultant present at shifts. Training occurs in the form of individual meetings.

Who the service is designed for

The service is available to people with mental illness who have work experience, or have undergone work rehabilitation. It is expected that candidates are interested in improving their work and social skills in gastronomy.

A condition for acceptance is a diagnosed mental psychotic illness, a stabilised condition and the consent of your doctor. The work is suitable for people with disability pension.