Social counselling and Integrating into the Labour Market

We’ll lead you through the legal jungle

Our free of charge social counselling helps people find their way through the massive amount of information linked to mental illness. In particular, we provide advice on bureaucratic matters such as applying for disability pension or protected housing. We also provide information on the latest forms of assistance and supply contacts to specialists and organisations we know can help.

People with mental illness can contact our counselling service free of charge, as can their friends and family.

What does the counselling service focus on?

How to use the counselling services

Permanent social counselling

This service is available every Monday from 3 pm to 5 pm. Meetings take place in our offices on Křižíkova street.

Counselling must be arranged in advance – by e-mailing poradna@greendoors.cz, or calling +420 774 913 029.

Outreach social counselling

This service is available every first Monday of the month in Klub V. kolona and every third Monday of the month in Café Na půl cesty, always from 3 pm to 5 pm.

You do not need to arrange counselling in advance.

Telephone and e-mail queries

You can also pose queries by phone or e-mail.

Integrating into the Labour Market

We know how hard it is for people with experience of mental illness to find work. As such, we provide a number of services which can provide significant assistance in finding appropriate employment.

You can find out where to find vacancies, how to write a motivation letter and how to prepare for an interview at our Job Club course, and our peer consultant will give you personal tips and observations. Our Transitional and Supported Employment programmes can help you find a job vacancy.

Integrating labour market